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The portraits in this series have been intentionally cropped into so as to isolate them from the carnival atmosphere, having each sitter surrounded by black helps to emphasise this sense of isolation, framing them with a white border helps to separate them from each other as well. The images have been printed in black and white to remove them further from the carnivalesque context; this helps create something that appears alien to the viewer, as though they have walked in on a cult. These carnivalesque images allude to being from a different era, like films of Fellini and Wim Wenders they contain undertones of existential isolation.  The title comes from the Cologne word Alaaf, which is used as a carnival salutation, when translated to English it means 'Everything Gone' and relates to the removal of luxury items that would be found at parties and this works well with the theme of existential isolation in this series.

Everything Gone

Northern Ireland


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